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Sell on Sparkle

No Set Up Cost
No Monthly Fees
Just pay 12% when you sell something
This includes all fees for our carbon offset programme

What is Sparkle?

Sparkle is a platform for many retailers to sell products through, and for consumers to have the convenience of a single unified shopping basket for multiple stores.  We don’t sell products directly ourselves.  

Sparkle is owned and run by Spark, who are a small business that have been helping retailers sell online for more than 20 years. We’re here to help and support small to medium sized retailers, whilst making a positive environmental contribution.

What can you sell on Sparkle?

You can sell pretty much anything that a typical UK household or small business would want to buy.  However, for various reasons, we won’t allow sales of:

  • used products (we currently only allow sales of brand new items, though this may change in the future),
  • tobacco, vaping products, and related items
  • gambling products (incl. raffle tickets and the like)
  • explicit adult products
  • pharmaceutical and other products purporting to have health benefits (whether proven or not, incl. products containing CBD)
  • weapons and firearms
  • gas and gas powered products (eg. gas barbecues)

Cost to sell on Sparkle

For retailers signing up now, you only pay when you sell something at a rate of 12% of the value of the sale (including any delivery and tax).  This will be automatically deducted as we make payment to you.

There are no other fees for retailers signing up now.  This is in part because we have secured government funding to help the first retailers get started on Sparkle.  To be clear, if you make a sale via Sparkle for £100 including delivery and VAT (if applicable), we’ll deduct £12 including VAT, and pay the remaining £88 into your bank account.

Do my products need to be carbon negative or carbon neutral?

No - we’ll handle this automatically and ensure that all carbon is offset.  

This is included within the standard cost of selling on Sparkle. For retailers that can demonstrate that their products are already carbon neutral or carbon negative, please do get in touch to let us know because we’re working on a financial incentive to encourage this, which you may be eligible for.

How to List Products on Sparkle

We’re doing everything we can to ensure listing and keeping your products up to date is as quick and easy as possible.  

Our team are here to support you by telephone and email.  We integrate directly with the most common retailer platforms (including Shopify, WooCommerce, SpringboardOS).  We can also accept product information uploaded by CSV or added manually.  For more advanced users we have an API available too.  Get in touch with our team to discuss what works best for you. For most retailers this process takes less than 10 minutes.

Receiving Orders and Getting Paid

Once you have your products listed on Sparkle, sit back and wait for an order to come in.  When it does, we’ll email you to let you know. 

Then it’s simply a case of logging in, viewing the order, printing a delivery note and sending it out.  You can then enter a parcel tracking number if you have one, and mark the order as dispatched.  Automatically, 2 weeks later you’ll receive payment directly into your bank account.  The reason for the 2 week delay is simply to help us to combat fraud in allowing us to ensure that the customer has received the product ordered.  In time we hope to reduce this timeframe.

Fraud and Chargebacks

We check every order before it’s sent to you so you can be confident that orders you receive are genuine.  

If however a customer says they haven't received an item, receives the wrong item, or a damaged/broken item, in the first instance we’ll get in touch to mediate a solution - usually we’ll ask them to send back anything they have received and ask you to send a replacement.  We may insist that you cover the cost of the return postage.  We’ll always make reasonable efforts to resolve these sorts of issues to everyone’s satisfaction. In rare cases however, where a solution isn’t forthcoming and we feel that we’re at risk of a chargeback being issued from the customer’s bank, we may choose to refund the customer and take the money back from the you, the retailer.  By listing your products on Sparkle, you agree to be bound by our mediation process here, which may change and develop with time.  If you’d like to discuss this in more detail please do get in touch.


Please, get in touch. Give us a call on 01482 626346, or e-mail